Custom Cabinets

Complete Course Coverage

Golf Plus Construction, Inc is a superior golf course construction company that provides extraordinary golf course design services in Northwest, Washington, and its surrounding areas! Our company offers unbeatable golf course site assessments, golf course remodeling services to guarantee customer satisfaction!

(Sand)Bunker Construction

Add several different sand bunkers to your golf course to allow more challenging obstacles for your customers to experience. At Golf Plus Construction, Inc, the sand bunker construction services are fast, effective and easy to maintain. Get started on designing your sand bunker with our company calling us today!

Pond Remodeling

Golf Plus Construction, Inc is an experienced golf course construction contractor that will install nothing but the best type of ponds for your property. Creating a pond or a lake that is a perfect fit for your property is what we do best! Including a pond or lake to your golf course will only improve the quality, look and feel! We maintain a 100% satisfaction rate from our customers.

Driving Range Construction

For an optimal experience at your golf course, Golf Plus Construction, Inc design and install an easily maintained and active driving range construction service to your golf course! With any golf courses driving range, the intention is for it to be safety oriented and completely netted from a far distance for people to practice their stroke for the actual golf course!

Cart Path Design

Golf Plus Construction, Inc creates a design that highlights the golf course to show a cart path for your customers to ride comfortably. The cart path designs are constructed to be easily maintained and are useful for your clients when they are visiting your golf course! Our goal is to build a relationship with the owner, superintendent, and architect on every job and to exceed project expectations!

Seeding & Sod Services

When it comes to designing an unbelievable golf course, it is essential to have the highest of quality in seeding and sod materials. For a clean and healthy environment that is eco-friendly for the atmosphere but will also, generate a golf course that looks fantastic! Not only will the property have a look and feel that is great, but it will also keep a lot of the dust and mud out of the equation.

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free consultation, please give us a call at 206-713-1759.